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This was a lovely read. Ever since I got my own place - coming 2 years in June - I've been grappling with what this space means to me and what it represents. And so I think I found it with your words: "Having a home embodies progress but not of the material variety; it indicates a deep and abiding faith - in oneself, perhaps in one’s relationships if making a home is a joint venture - that you are ready and willing to do something for yourself that you believe you deserve, that no one else has ever done for you before." It's a sign of my faith in myself, but also a test. Now that I've got it, let's see how I can keep it. A bit depressing but I guess it's my own way of reminding myself that nothing in this life is permanent.

Re: your parents - Both my parents worked but they also worked hard together in keeping the home clean. My father would do the laundry and swept the floor and dusted every surface while my mom cooked up a storm and managed the finances. So it would drive me bonkers when I see both young and grown men expecting their mothers/wives/sisters to serve them and they get away from doing chores around the house. (And sometimes it's the women who are enabling this behaviour which drives me even more mad!) And so it's like you said - while we have moved, we are still here.

Thank you for this - and I look forward to reading more!

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Thank you so much for this beautiful sharing. I think the idea of home is really a deeply evocative one and it is so layered with complexities - from family, society, land. Everything you shared resonates, thank you so much for reading.

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